What can we expect from the Year of the Horse?

The Horse is expansive and exuberant.

Honest opinions will deliver benefits, as will disciplined thinking.

In the Wild West of the rapidly expanding Virtual world, this is excellent advice.

1.Be expansive and grow your business on line.

2.Be exuberant and show your passion.

3.Be yourself – be honest.

4.Be disciplined. Focus on your goals and keep everything in check.

The “Wood” energy of the Horse encourages slow growth and common sense.

Balance the Yin yang of Exuberance and Discipline to succeed.

It is easy to be involved in too many communications. Stay Focussed.

Partnerships formed this year hold promise of exceptional happiness and stability.


1. Take an occasional break from technology. Go watch a butterfly every now and then.

2. No secrets. “Be honest and fight off the dark side. Be honest about your feelings or emotional wounds…and discover a sense of freedom and healing that may not have seemed possible”

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