In this video, I speak with Brett Lacey, the Executive General Manager Businesses for House with No Steps. HWNS employs over 500 people with disabilities.

Brett believes we need to ” Raise the level of appreciation of what is possible and what the capabilities are.”

House with No Steps employees provide quality products at competitive prices. You may very well have used some of their products today.

  • They produce biscuits from their own factory
  • They grow Avocados,Tomatoes and Macadamia nuts
  • They pack Nectarines,Peaches and Custard Apples
  • They pack Medical kits for Hospital Surgeries, Maternity Wards and for Dialysis
  • Police DNA and Forensic kits
  • Ambulance kits
  • Maintenance crews for shopping Malls and Airports
  • A commercial Laundry catering to the hospitality industry
  • an Engineering plant
  • a recycling facility

Does your perception match the reality of the abilities of disability organisations?