New Shoes and Massage Music


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Have you heard of this guy yet? Paolo Nutini ( A Scotsman of Italian decent) An awesome voice with a distinct “fun” style.

I listen to this track to get me moving when I get stuck on a task in the home office. It never fails to lift my mood and get the cogs going.

Do you listen to music while you work?

I almost always have something playing. I use MOG ( ) to stream different genres and styles.I’ll probably change the “Radio” three times a day.

Sometimes I put something called “Binaural Beats” on. Massage music at its best.

I love using Ommwriter . This is a free download that provides a beautiful background in which to write. The software is kept deliberately simple with not a huge array of options, but has beautiful backgrounds, a range of fonts, keyboard sounds and  – music.  I use it when ever I need to get into the writing “Zone”.

Over at The Quartz Blog, they recently published a post about music at work.

They suggest music pumping away is great for factory workers but no go for comprehension and recall tasks.

No lyrics and a steady rhythm is the go for cognitive tasks. They also provide a playlist of their staff’s choices.

What do you listen to at work?

Post comments below.



Thank you Bill Hayden, said the Liberal Party. Neville Bonner and Assumptions.


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“Being a working man, I felt automatically that I should support the Labor Party, primarily because they were supposed to be for the working class.” Neville Bonner.

I have just watched an excellent interview with Neville Bonner by Robin Hughes in 1992 on a show on NITV called Australian Biography. (See some footage from it above on this video from the Museum of Australian Democracy.)

Neville had attended 2 or 3 Liberal Party branch meetings prior to the 1967 referendum. The National Archives notes about this referendum:

“The second question was to determine whether two references in the Australian Constitution, which discriminated against Aboriginal people, should be removed. This fact sheet addresses the second question.

The sections of the Constitution under scrutiny were:

51. The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:-
(xxvi) The people of any race, other than the aboriginal people in any State, for whom it is necessary to make special laws.

127. In reckoning the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth, or of a State or other part of the Commonwealth, aboriginal natives should not be counted.

The removal of the words ‘… other than the aboriginal people in any State…‘ in section 51(xxvi) and the whole of section 127 were considered by many to be representative of the prevailing movement for political change within Indigenous affairs. As a result of the political climate, this referendum saw the highest YES vote ever recorded in a Federal referendum, with 90.77 per cent voting for change.”

Neville was asked to hand out how to vote cards and agreed because all partys were in accord with the “Yes” for change vote regarding the Aboriginal people.

After a full day at around 4pm a ” A Big Flash Car” pulled up.

“What in the hell are you doing handing out those cards, we do more for Aborigines than they do!” There was no Labor person handing out How to vote cards or anyone else, except Neville Bonner.

“Who the hell are you anyway”

“I’m Bill Hayden, the member for Oxley”

“Well look Mr Hayden, I’d look silly handing out Labor How to Vote cards when I’m a member of the Liberal Party”

“..and were you a member of the Liberal Party?”

“No but I was the next day.”

Born in the Tweed and raised on the banks of the Richmond in Lismore he received only one year of formal education. His first attempt to attend school ended after only a few hours when the white parents of the class pulled their children out.

Neville Bonner was a Queensland Senator in two Australian Governments, serving for 10 years. He was a strong believer in changing things from within the system. He was an Inspirational Man.

Don’t make assumptions.

Keep an open mind, don’t judge.

How do I fix my business bottleneck?


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We have some mature Hoop Pines behind our home. (Auracaria Cunninghamii). Being an ancient species, they believe in the quantity not quality of seeds they produce and boy did they outdo themselves this season.

When the wind blew we thought it was raining as the cones broke up, freeing all the seeds.

All our gutters filled up with seed and the rain then pushed them down the down pipes. Unknown to me they clogged up one pipe, blocking it solid.

Then came the part that I enjoy in my work life. How do we fix the bottleneck in this system?

  1. Do I send one of those electronic eel things up the pipe?
  2. Do I cut the pipe above the blockage and replace the metal downpipe?
  3. Do I cut the poly pipe below the blockage?
  4. Do I hire someone to fix it?
  5. Do I use the high power hose to force water through?
  6. Do I manipulate the join and see if I can get something inside the pipe?
  7. Pour Caustic Soda down the gutter?
  8. Do I ask my wife for directions?

This is obviously not an area of my expertise, but sorting out blockages in a business’s workflow is.

Paperwork or Production. Accountability. Suitability.

Contact me if you think something could be flowing more smoothly in your organisation.

I can fix that.

Is it true we have to suffer to sing the blues?


Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat Pray Love” implores us to stop thinking of the”Creative Genius” in this wonderful TED talk.

Genius in Roman times was an out of body celestial being “sort of like Dobby”.

Everyone can have a Genius. (See what’s coming?) We cannot be a Genius. We are joined at the desk and our work by a Genius.

If we do really well, then we can stay grounded by the fact that we were helped.

If the task fails then, well, really it’s not all our fault.

Wonderful protection.

This is a really enjoyable talk, with so many inspirational things going on. It’s not short at 18 minutes, but grab a Chardy, and some time. Don’t miss it.


We are holding technology back.


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Can you acknowledge that feeling you get when you are sooooo excited that you don’t quite believe it’s happening and you look over your shoulder to see if it’s OK to go on?

Remember your records, your tapes, – your CDs?

Remember iTunes?

Beyonce changed the world when she released her album in December without her record company Columbia.

On the weekend I watched a motor race, The Bathurst 12 hour. Streaming on my big screen TV. Plugged into my laptop.

I followed it on Twitter.(#B12hr) . I saw what the drivers and team owners and other punters were saying.

I have been watching motor sport since I was 8 and I have never enjoyed a telecast more.

Why do we need television stations?

I’m going to say “Why didn’t Schapelle Corby just post her story online.”

I’m going to say that for two reasons.

One; because I mean it and

Two; because I know more people will see my blog if I tag “Schapelle Corby”

( I have just now learnt how to spell her name).

We have to think in different ways.

Why wouldn’t movies launch with their own website?

Why Free to Air or Cable at all?

I think we are looking over our shoulder just getting confirmation that it’s right to run.

Let’s go !

Fly away home




This is a page from my “Bedtime Nursery Rhymes” book circa 1961.

I’m doing some “DeCluttering” and I’m actually just “ReDiscovering”. Not too much is going out.

I’ve been thinking about the 24 hour news coverage of the horrible events in Syria, Egypt, Ukraine and how it comes into our homes, challenging our nice comfortable suburban lives.

But so do the Natural Disasters. Fire, Flood, Storms. Again all with instant, ongoing coverage.

The global access is incredible, countries that we would not have been aware of we see “as it happens”,whatever “it” is.

This I feel has to be good. We are world citizens, we can’t turn our backs.

I do hope this Rhyme wasn’t the last one my Mum read me before turning off the light.


Year of the (Virtual) Horse




What can we expect from the Year of the Horse?

The Horse is expansive and exuberant.

Honest opinions will deliver benefits, as will disciplined thinking.

In the Wild West of the rapidly expanding Virtual world, this is excellent advice.

1.Be expansive and grow your business on line.

2.Be exuberant and show your passion.

3.Be yourself – be honest.

4.Be disciplined. Focus on your goals and keep everything in check.

The “Wood” energy of the Horse encourages slow growth and common sense.

Balance the Yin yang of Exuberance and Discipline to succeed.

It is easy to be involved in too many communications. Stay Focussed.

Partnerships formed this year hold promise of exceptional happiness and stability.


1. Take an occasional break from technology. Go watch a butterfly every now and then.

2. No secrets. “Be honest and fight off the dark side. Be honest about your feelings or emotional wounds…and discover a sense of freedom and healing that may not have seemed possible”

Thanks to:



I’d like to trust Bill Gates.


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I don’t trust Apple and I don’t trust Google.

My original iPod was nailed to an Araucaria Cunninghamii when I found out I couldn’t change the battery.

Built in obsolescence is so 1950s America.

How can Google be called a search engine?

The first page is an advertising directory and the next 5 pages are filled by people who, like Tax evaders, are trying to manipulate the system for their or their client’s benefit. Please give us an organic search engine.

Now – Bill Gates says “By 2035 there will be almost no poor countries left in the world”.

He says our scepticism is holding back the speed at which this will happen.

“The belief that the world can’t solve extreme poverty and disease isn’t just mistaken. It is harmful.”

He and his wife Melinda through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation state the 3 “deeply damaging myths about global poverty and development” are;

  1. Poor countries are doomed to stay poor.
  2. Foreign aid is a big waste.
  3. Saving lives leads to overpopulation.

The letter is an engaging essay, full of stats, videos, infographics and lots of reasons for us to believe.

Read it here.

The best reason to slack off I have ever heard.


The wonderful “Brain Pickings” site has reviewed Alex Cornell’s book “BREAK THROUGH! 90 proven strategies to overcome creative block and Spark your imagination.”

Alex has interviewed some people that I am hanging out to find out more about. I’m going to buy this book.Not to overcome block but to be inspired.



Be distracted

Be Inspired

Be grateful

Here are the top ten from the book;

  1. Get enough sleep! Sleep is the best (and easiest) creative aphrodisiac.
  2. Read as much as you can, particularly classics. If a master of words can’t inspire you, see number 3.
  3. Colour  code your library. That is fun, and you will realize how many great books you have that you haven’t read yet.
  4. More sleep! You can never get enough.
  5. Force yourself to procrastinate. Works every time!
  6. Look at the work of  Tibor  Kalman,  Marian  Bantjes,  Jessica  Hische,  Christoph  Niemann, and  Paul  Sahre.
  7. Weep. And then week some more.
  8. Surf the Web. Write inane tweets. Check out your high school friends on Facebook. Feel smug.
  9. Watch Law & Order: SVU marathons. Revel in the ferocious beauty of Olivia Benson.
  10. Remember how L-U-C-K-Y you are to be a creative person to begin with and quit your bellyaching. Get to work now!

Also remember that creativity is not only for these brilliant people. We need to think creatively to do things differently in our lives.Image

Compromise your Principles – or just get it out there?


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Bill Watterson through Calvin and Hobbes is always incisive.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I realise I must accept that to make things happen, being “exactly as it should be” isn’t always necessary.

I needed a self promotional Video showing what I do and it appears here on my blog and my web page and LinkedIn etc.

But its not good enough. Unproffesional. But its out there…..

It’s annoying me and not me at my best. I’m uncomfortable with it.

I will redo the video.