Kestrel Business Assist



Focus your strategy to deliver your full potential.

I will support you on your journey.

Kestrel Business Assist can facilitate a month end review session to evaluate your businesses’ past month and prepare for the coming month. By analysing and prioritising your work flow you can be far more focussed on what needs to be done and increase your effectiveness and your level of job satisfaction.

I can help you achieve this in your business by focusing on;

  • Profitability – Is your most profitable customer who you think it is?
  • Time Management – I’ll help you handle the pressure.
  • Customer Service – Everyone is a salesperson.
  • Staff Performance – Don’t accept a poisoned workplace.
  • Life / work balance – Learn to breathe…..

Very often it is impossible for business proprietors to have the opportunity to look over the top of their operations – to see how they could be maximizing the profit making potential of their business. Can’t see the forest for the trees? Working in the business not on it? Horrible clichés but no less valid.

Frequently, work duties consume business owners and they become part of the machination, not the directing force they desire to be in their enterprise.

The service offered by Kestrel Business Assist is a guiding and focusing one, allowing the proprietor to identify what they want from their business and then help develop plans, systems and a state of mind to achieve it.

Skills offered

  • Sales, customer and product analysis.
  • Streamlining processes and workload.
  • Exceptional administration and problem solving.
  • Profit focus – not sales focus.
  • Business Plans. Budgets, both sales and expenses.
  • Performance Indicators.
  • Standardise work practices.
  • Cash Flow management.
  • Customer examination. Where can additional profit come from?
  • Systems and disciplines for Start up and Work from Home businesses.
  • Business Mentor (Personal sounding board and advice)
  • Business Coach (Business objectives and goal setting
  • Meeting facilitator. Negotiator.
  • Promotional activity planning – to your budget.
  • Job descriptions.


  • Focus on priorities.
  • Build profit percentages.
  • Lifestyle improvements – Less stress.
  • Assist management to see where business is going – or can go.
  • Effective and inexpensive way to define business direction.
  • Often solidifies your own thinking, giving you the confidence to proceed in a planned direction.
  • Put systems in place that make things happen consistently. You can then concentrate on your real strengths, not on paperwork.

Experiences – Alan Glasby – Kestrel Business Assist- Proprietor

Kestrel Business Assist is not judgemental. No one knows your business like you. I offer advice based on experience. I assist you to plot and carry out any changes that you feel are needed.

  • Previously Manager of $23 million p.a. business.
  • Extensive practical sales and sales management roles.
  • Procedure and workflow review and revisions.
  • Customer service.
  • Extensive marketing experience.


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