Why Hire a Business Mentor ?

Focus your strategy to deliver your potential.

I will support you on your journey.

Check me out here, explaining the benefits of Kestrel Mentoring!

Why Hire Kestrel Business Assist?  What Can A Small Business Mentor do for me?

 1.     Experience and Expertise

I have over 1000 invoiced hours as a Business Coach.

I have over 20 years of sales and sales management experience. I managed a state wide operation turning over $23million p.a. staff of 32 and inventory of $5million.

2.     Identify problems

Sometimes a business owner just can’t see the woods for the trees.  We will analyse staff performance and address actions required.

3.     Accountability

We work together to achieve what you know you need to achieve!

4.     Change Agent

No one likes change. I can help transition your organisation. I can be the focus of the change. I can do the “dirty work”.

5.     Increase profitability

Investigate ways to improve your profitability and create new business.

6.     Supplement staff

Save thousands by hiring me to complete a specified task. No need for payment of staff benefits.

7.     Provide Objectivity

Look at problems, staff, systems and organisation from an outsider’s perspective.

8.     Teach and train

I can provide over the shoulder development  for new staff of your systems or deliver programs to address a specific skill (eg sales) tailored to your Business and your clients.

9.     Sounding Board

I can provide an objective point of view to guide you through the minefield.


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